About us.

Belfast City Mission is an Urban Evangelistic Mission . We are among one of the oldest Urban Missions still in existence. Our work is carried out in the inner City districts alongside a number of areas in greater Belfast. Currently we cover 16 districts where we have Mission Halls and Centres used for evangelism. We are faith based but we are supported in our work by many churches in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, auxiliary fellowships alongside generous donations and gifts from other churches and individuals.

The aim of our Mission is to see the promotion of the Gospel of Christ in our City and to give God the glory in all we say and do. We seek to encourage those who have lost direction in their lives to look to Christ as “The Way”. For those who are seeking understanding in their lives to look to Christ as “The Truth”. To those who have lost hope in their lives to look to Christ as “The Life”. We forward these aims in spiritual and practical ways.

These include: Gospel Services, Bible Study, Prayer Fellowships, Men`s and Women`s groups, Youth organisations, Pastoral Visitation, Outreach, Luncheon Fellowships, Homework Clubs, Mother and Toddler groups, English Classes and association with Food Banks.